Out West Adventure Tours is a sponsor to us from Las Vegas, NV. They take people to and from places all over the western United States for the most part – including places like Area 51, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Lake Mead, Las Vegas Strip, and much much more! They also put together and orchestrate customized tours from their clients wildest dreams! What they do, is they have clients list exactly where they want to go and what main attractions they want to see. Out West Adventure Tours will take the time planning and putting it all together to make a tour package and experience the client will never forget. What they usually do is pick up the client fro anywhere in Las Vegas, then they take them out o the road to start the tour.

Getting in touch with them will be ideal if you’re looking for a place to take your family to, and to have a great experience along the way. I*f you aren’t the type to know exactly what’s best to go and do for a vacation, that’s where the professionals come in. Out West Adventure Tours will bring in their expertise and find exactly what to do and what’s best offered and highest rated among visitors of those areas. It’s also likely the tour guide from OWAT will have already visited the place, as all the tour guides have been world travelers for years and years.

Having an experience that will bring you out of this world is what they do best. When it comes to their Area 51 tour, they provide an experience that bring you on an adventure to a side of this world you didn’t know went this deep. The way we know area 51, is alien secrets hidden by the government. The way they know Area 51, is the entire outer perimeter, the route to get there, the fun stuff to do along the way and much much more. To almost everyone in the world, Area 51 is known as a mysterious place that no one can even lay their eyes on. To the folks at OWAT, Area 51 is right in their backyard.

Area 51 Rache Nevada Border coming from Las Vegas
Area 51 Rache Nevada Border coming from Las Vegas

Having a tour guide with you to structure your adventure in a way that provides maximum exposure to everything important for adding to the adventure is the way to do it. Going by yourself to a place like A-51 can be a little disappointing. I know because I’ve tried it myself with a friend 2 years back. We went to the fence where you’re not allowed past, and that was it. There’s several landmarks we passed and didn’t know were worth stopping at until we went home and looked it up afterwards. When I saw OWAT offer to bring people there, and how thorough the experience is, it’s incredible what there is to know if you’re a regular that goes on that route on a daily basis like they do.

Area 51 was known for many conspiracies. Many of which include JFK getting assassinated because he wanted to know what was in this secret military base and see it with his own eyes. Other Area 51 conspiracies include stories about how we’re experimenting with aliens there; from getting in contact with them years ago and taking them into our custody. Imagine if they are actually testing on aliens in there and developing ways to live longer as humans and how to withstand certain bacterial and viral infections and so forth. These are some of the stories going around on the internet nowadays. It’s crazy to even think of conspiracies that include us cooperating with aliens as we speak. That they came here and had technologies much further advanced than ours and they’re helping us get to that point in technological advancement.

Some of these technologies they say are space crafts, energy generation methods, weapons of mass destruction, weapons of maximum efficiency, matter resizing, teleportation and invisibility. There’s a famous video regarding an Area 51 staff member that was on his death bed showing photos to the world of aliens in the secret base. The video includes how he says there’s beacons that only beings can see from outer space that point all aliens directly to Area 51 so they can control the perception of not officially having alien contact on this planet. There’s also a part where he says they have technology that makes their vehicles transparent, where nobody can see the vehicle or the contents inside it, but they can see outward from the inside clearly. Interestingly, the elements inside the spacecrafts are visible from within by the people inside the craft.

The video continues with statements such as there are 2 different types of species on the alien planet from which these aliens are from. Each of the 2 different species are different in terms of thinking power and tolerable personalities. He says there is a group of the race that is intellectual and well-mannered, and the other half is short-tempered, more emotional types. The retired Area 51 operative continues to explain these aliens only communicate telepathically. There is no way for them to speak, they share their thoughts with others and that’s how they communicate with humans. Humans can also communicate back to them by thinking something and the alien will receive the thoughts and understand in their own native tongue. They communicate the concepts of what they’re thinking of.

Enough of that tangent. The overall purpose of this article is to commend Out West Adventure Tours for their generous donation to the House of Czech and Slovak Republics. Make sure you send them an email, or thank them by subscribing to their YouTube channel. They will always be thanked by us and we hope we can get some of our Czech and Slovak people to go on some tours with them!

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