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Flags of Czech and Slovak Republics


Ethnic Food Fair will take place on May 29, from 11-5PM.  We need volunteers to help set up and also to make bakeries. You can drop bakeries off any time on Saturday or on Sunday morning. We'll start setting up at 9:30AM on Sunday. Please let Olga know how you can help.

There will be no monthly member meeting in the month of June.

We will have our annual "picnic" luncheon on Saturday, July 9 at 11:30 AM at the Soup Plantation on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard!  Members are free,  guests over 9 years old are $11, children under 9 years will be free.

House of Czech and Slovak Republics

Established in 1936, our organization serves as a meeting place for those who either want to celebrate their Czech and Slovak Heritage or want to learn more about our unique cultures. You do not need to know either of the languages to become a member. Come and join us during our monthly meeting or visit our cottage on Sunday, noon to 4 PM.

On Sundays, our members take turns hosting the cottage and offer samples of ethnic pastries and coffee. Donations are accepted and appreciated. During the afternoon, hosts willingly answer question about our two republics and provide information about the artifacts on display.

Visitors since April 2011

The House of the Czech and Slovak Republics
is a Non-Profit, Non-Political Organization